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NCERT Textbook PDF List- NCERT पाठ्यपुस्तक पीडीएफ सूची


Dear Friends, NCERT textbooks are very important to study materials, when we come to the preparation of competitive government exams like - UPSC exams, SSC exams, and other states PSC/SSC recruitment exams. The NCERT books are mostly used to considered the most authentic source of information for the topics asked in the government competitive exams. The important subjects for government exam preparations are:

NCERT Important Subjects 

    • History

    • Geography

    • Polity

    • Economy

    • General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology)

    • Sociology

Important topics in NCERT Books for UPSC and other government exam preparation:

NCERT Books for History

    •  History- Our Past (class 6th)

    •  History- Our Past II (class 7th)

    •  History- Our Past III Part- I & Part II (class 8th)

    • India and the Contemporary World- I (class 9th)

    • India and the Contemporary World- II (class 10th)

    • Themes in World History (class 11th)

    • Themes in Indian History-I, II, and III (class 12th)

    • Old NCERT-Ancient India & Medieval India (Class 11th)

    • Old NCERT-Modern India (class 12th)

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NCERT Books for Geography & Environment

    • The Earth Our Habitat (class 6th)

    • Our Environment (class 7th)

    • Resource And Development (class 8th)

    • Contemporary India Part-1 (class 9th)

    • Contemporary India Part-2 (class 10th)

    • Fundamentals of Physical Geography (class 11th)

    • India Physical Environment (class 11th)

    • Fundamentals Of Human (class 12th)

    • India People and Economy (class 12th)

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NCERT Books for Polity

    • Democratic Politics – I (class 9th)

    • Democratic Politics – II (class 10th)

    • Political Theory Part-I (class 11th)

    • India Constitution at Work (class 11th)

    • Contemporary World Politics (class 12th)

    • Politics in India Since Independence (class 12th)

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NCERT Books for Economy

    • Economics (class 9th)

    • Understanding Economic Development (class 10th)

    • India Economic Development (class 11th)

    • Introductory Microeconomics (class 12th)

    • Introductory Macroeconomics (class 12th)

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NCERT Books for General Science and Science & Technology

     • Science textbook of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    • Biotechnology and Its Application (class 12)

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NCERT Books for Sociology

    • Introducing Sociology (class 11th)

    • Understanding Society (class 11th)

    • Social Change and Development in India (class 12th)

    • Indian Society (class 12th)

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NCERT Book for Art & Culture

  • An Introduction to Indian Art (class 11th)

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